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Maria Buhay-Lim

Nurse, Esthetician, Cosmetologist, Wellness Advocate, Actor, Entrepreneur  


This is your gateway to holistic beauty, health, and wellness through a wide range of solutions.
We empower our clients to make meaningful changes in their health and wellness state. We are here to help you get yourself well, change internally and externally to a better state through the programs, education, and highest quality health care products that we offer.
We are hoping you can change your life to an energetic, active, and healthier state. We partnered with companies that are committed to giving you 100% the best, pure, potent, and quality products out there.

My Story

Hello there! I'm Maria, a nurse, esthetician, cosmetologist, and as of late, a wellness advocate.
Life happens so fast. I have been busy all my life. Raising my son, being a good wife, creating a home, all while working at the same time. Also taking care of my parents and volunteering in my church and community. I didn't have the time to focus on my own health, in fitness and nutrition. And so I've had lots of wellness issues.
Aging, of course, is inevitable. More wrinkles, age spots, and hyperpigmentation. Occasionally, I get a pimple on my face. My whole body suffers from dryness and itchiness, especially severe in wintertime. But all throughout my life, I've had episodes of indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, and abdominal pain. Aside from that, my weight fluctuates, I feel low on energy, I have sleep issues and occasional aches and pains.
I've tried lots of ways to deal with my wellness issues. I went walking to exercise whenever I could find the time. I took supplements to have more energy and pain pills to relieve my tummy ache and joint aches. My personal skincare routine was competent, as an experienced esthetician, but my diet was not great, unhealthy food far too common. So, I tried diet after diet - searching for the magic bullet that would finally work. It all worked for a while, but I always went back to my old habits. My mindset wasn't able to stay on track.
Somewhat recently, I looked in the mirror and realized I'm not getting any younger. But I would, of course, love to have more energy, to look younger and be healthier. But since exercise is a little too exhausting for me, I’ve focused on the nutrition side of health. And after some thorough investigation, learning all about nutrition, I’ve produced my very own wellness program, combining what worked best for me with reliable studies from respected experts. It is now my mission to help those who want to improve their life, by providing reasonably achievable and results-driven health, wellness, beauty, and lifestyle programs.
Are you curious about how working with me and using detoxification can help not only your skin but your overall health?  Let's talk, I would love to share with you my wellness program.
Much Love,

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