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Maria Buhay-Lim

Nurse, Esthetician, Cosmetologist, Wellness Advocate, Actor, Entrepreneur  


Hello.  I am Maria.  Welcome to my ACTING PAGE.  I am working hard to break into film and television as an actor.  I started in September 2018 as a background actor.  Back then, I just wanted to see myself on TV.  I wanted to see myself at least once in the most notable tv shows here in the US.  I wanted to represent the Asian Communities particularly the Filipinos.  I wanted to act as a nurse on TV and represent the Filipino nurses in "Hollywood". And it happened 37 times in 3 months, mostly tv shows, and a few TV/Online Commercials.   

It is hard to pursue acting full time but I have that desire in my heart to act not just in the background but also in the foreground.  I got my first speaking role in 2019 in a short film.  Who knew that my Tiktok videos in IG would be noticed by a director.  I have seen how films were made and it triggered my desire to pursue acting a little bit more.  Then the pandemic hit in 2020.  Everything was put to a halt.  

Now it is 2021, I am back working on the sets as a background for now but I am planning to put more time now into acting lessons and getting into auditions.  I know the journey is hard, but I am determined to do my best, learn some more, meet more people, and most of all, enjoy the ride. 

Sharing here some of my screenshots from TV shows I worked with and souvenir photos in the holding areas. Enjoy!

I have been asked several times by my family, friends, and acquaintances how to be a background actor and the ins/outs of the industry.  Stay tuned.  I will be sharing them soon. 



EMPIRE - Cookie, Cookie Scene




Passed Over Short Film Trailer:

Passed Over Short Film

Role:  Marla Raye (Marketing Manager)               

Directed by Aretha Tatum (2020)

(Official Selection Inspired Faith Film Festival, Global Film Festival Awards (Los Angeles), Chicago South Side Film Festival, Christian Film Festival)

Global Film Festival Winner:  Best Inspirational Short Film, and Best Screenplay

Christian Film Festival Winner:  Best Mini Film, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Actor Supporting, Best Actress Supporting (yours truly) Best Villain 


Nuwave Oxypure Air Purifier


Edward-Elmhurst Health Commercial - Here it is Personal.


Variety of TV series acting scenes